Let me BLOG.

Genie sent me a Christmas card and I got a bit exasperated. I thought we stopped that strange meaningless tradition between ourselves of sending cards for a religious holiday we have no part in… Genie dear, if you’re reading this, don’t send me Christmas cards anymore. I don’t care about Christmas – you know that. Now I have to go shopping for cards. Pfft.

Did anyone catch the CNN/YouTube Republican debate? I don’t have cable TV anymore but of coourse, I’m going there. The worst thing about not having cable: missing my one day a week dose of Anderson Cooper. -_- I love that guy.

I need to get a new bag and a pair of ballet flats that are black in colour. The ones I have now are a flashy gold. I like gold shoes for all my conservative tendency for dressing in earthy tones. My weak point.

A somewhat Christmassy question: What is your favourite brand of chocolate?


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